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The Handbook
Winning Strategies
7 Charting Tools
Short Term Spread Betting
Spread Betting Techniques

Paperback: 240 pages

Publisher: Harriman House Publishing (30 Mar 2009)

Language English                                               

ISBN-10: 1906659109                                            

ISBN-13: 978-1906659103 

Kindle: 215 pages



Winning Spread Betting Strategies is about constructing winning strategies covering all types of market, up down and sideways. Key ingredients for each strategy include overall market direction, entry and exit techniques and bet size determination.

The strategies are used on a wide range of instruments, including stocks commodities and currencies, and trade duration tends to be weeks.

Examples of each strategy are fully illustrated with charts and commentary, there are over 150 charts in this book, taking the reader step by step through strategy implementation.

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